This listing is for our extra large, fully treated, complete mud 'kitchen' with roof.


A 2 metre double height mud kitchen with a roof! This kitchen is absolutely jam packed from top to bottom, where do we start?! We have 3 bowls for all of those amazing mud pies. A 4 ring hob with knobs that spin and a washing up bowl ‘sink’ To the bottom left of the kitchen we then have a double door storage area and to the right we have a built in ‘oven’ and ‘washing machine’. Both ends of the kitchen have double sided chalkboards for all those muddy recipes and hanging rails for utensils. 


Approximate sizes are

Width 200cm

Depth 50cm

Height to lower work surface 63cm

Height to taller work surface 73cm

Height to tip of the top 170cm


All of our timber for all of our items is fully planed and only ever brand new. This is the same for treated or untreated timber.

We do not and will not ever use 2nd hand, recycled or pallet wood.

Please be aware that timber is a natural product. Exposure to various weather conditions can make your item shrink, swell, split etc. There may also be visible knots in your finished product. This will not be accepted as a reason for return.


Any utensils used/ shown in images are for illustrative purposes only and are not included in the sale unless stated otherwise. Bowls are however included.




Please note that this mud kitchen will be delivered via personal delivery only.

Thank you for viewing our item!

Extra large,fully pressured treated, complete mud kitchen with roof.